We Are the Voice for Families That Need to Be Heard


California Advocacy Group specializes in helping families with children diagnosed with or suspected of having developmental disabilities—from mild to severe—obtain the tools, programs and social services needed for the best quality of life.

California Advocacy Group founders Judith Kogan and Eric Weingrad are not only expert advocates with professional backgrounds, but, like you, are special needs parents who've been in the trenches firsthand. Their dedication and passion for helping families struggling to navigate within the system stems from their own experiences fighting for the rights of their respective children.

They get it. They get every part of this confusing and seemingly broken process. California Advocacy Group is not just advocating for your child's rights to services, they are fighting for your family's right to have a bright future.

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Our Services

We work closely with the parents and legal guardians of children who have disabilities to advocate on the family's behalf, help collect retroactive benefits, support and educate caregivers about their rights, and inspire future self-advocacy so that families can attain—and keep—an enjoyable quality of life utilizing the services and programs offered to qualified residents of California.


Why Use An Advocate?

We hear this question a lot. "Should you" or "Shouldn't you" seems to be a polarizing topic on various social sites and, quite frankly, we understand why: Misinformation.

We firmly believe an empowered special needs parent is the best kind. For the parents out there who understand the health care system forward and backwards, we salute you. To the other 99%, this might interest you.

Believing in a child’s potential is the single, most important thing parents can do for their child. For me, the greatest joy is watching a child blossom into their real and full potential.
— Judith Kogan, Co-Founder & Special Needs Parent